EDC Machine Facility

POS / EDC machine to our valued Merchant Class Customers A new product Introduced by the Bank

Our merchant class customers are ought to feel delighted that our bank is taking steps to convert/push cash transactions into card digital transactions, to be in line with the present market trend / scenario.
A new product is being now offered to our merchant class customers with POS terminals i.e., Point of Sale / EDC machine, a technological instrument provided for merchant establishment (ME) to enable to carryout the Sale of Goods or Services to customers in a cashless environment.
POS terminal is considered as a big shift in the world of Payment Solution Empower Merchant Class to accept and process card transactions replacing monotonous cash transactions using a smart phone and a miniature card reading device.

Nature of Machines available for Merchant class customers :

  1. Normal EDC – It is normal EDC machine which works with the connection of land line available at merchant place.
  2. GPRS – It is also an EDC machine which instead of land line works on SIM card and this EDC can be carried to clients 
    place which is similar to EDC used at Petrol Bunk/Restaurant/Home delivery business.
  3. MPOS -This is not EDC Machine. The bank installs software in merchant android mobile (Touch screen)
    and provide instrument to swipe the card and enter the PIN number.

Features & Benefits :

  • Collect money from cards with ease of cashless transactions.
  • Faster application processing and terminal installation.
  • Collected money Settlements on T+1 basis.
  • 24 * 7 Helpdesk with assured TAT.


  • The merchant should have a current account with a branch of the bank with satisfactory operations.
  • The merchant shall have a fixed landline connection for Normal EDC Terminal otherwise they will have to apply for GPRS based machine.

Note :

Our Merchant class/ other concerned may contact nearest Branch Manager for more details.

May contact nearest branch / Head Office for more details.